N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  G I L M A N  &  M R S. P A S C A L ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: December 14 - December 22, 2020


School will be closed from Dec 22-Jan 3rd, 2021         We wish you a safe and healthy Winter break!


Dear Families,

Our class had a great couple of weeks. The children are happy to be at school, enjoying their individualized work in the classroom, and also time socializing with peers on the playground. We got to know Miss Jess who presented many new lessons and incorporated some new and exciting materials onto each child’s shelf. We learned about Hanukah by reading books, playing the dreidel game, listening to Hanukah music, and putting candles on the Menorah. We are looking forward to the next couple of weeks where our theme will continue to be winter festivals with a focus on Christmas and Kwanzaa.

We hope you all have healthy and happy holidays,

Warm regards,

Ms. Jess, Mrs. Pascal, Ms. Nancy & Ms. Randi


Our theme is: Winter Holidays



Gingerbread cookie decorating

Christmas tree collage

Tissue paper Kinara


Cultural Arts/Geography:

We will study Christmas and Kwanzaa by reading stories, listening to traditional music, and decorating the classroom with seasonal objects



Matching mittens

Sequence stories

We continue to introduce letter sounds and matching objects and will be incorporating language games such as I Spy to further enrich the children’s mastery of different sounds

Advanced inset designs- using shapes to make a unique design

Recognizing name

Writing name



One to one correspondence using Numbers and Counters

Memory Game- looking at a number, remembering it, then going to get that many items from a nearby basket

Bead Stair 1-10- precursor to learning teens and also addition

Teens Board and teens frame #s 11-19


Practical Life:

Sorting holiday objects

Pouring liquid from one large pitcher to 3 small

Zipping coats, putting on hats, gloves, and masks independently

Dressing frames- zip, buckle, button



We will continue differentiating between living and non-living and also introduce plant/ animal

Study and care of a plant



Mystery bag for tactile discrimination

Extensions with the Pink Tower and Brown Stair to master sense of size (smallest to biggest, narrowest/thickest) and to encourage the development of creativity