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Mrs. Scagnelli & Mrs. Pascal's Class
Issue: November 1 - 30, 2021

Dear Families, 

During the next few weeks, we will introduce a lesson to the children about Picasso. We will start with a discussion that he was a famous artist/ painter and the type of painting he was known for. We will show many examples of his paintings and explain that his paintings reflects his mood at each stage of his life. Our focus will be on Picasso’s abstract self- portraits.

These past few weeks, we read so many wonderful books during story time. Our class favorite was “The creepy carrots”. The children made their very own carrot and they were so excited to take home their carrot craft. The children really enjoyed the story and commented on events which took place in the story. The children are getting an understanding of characters, setting, and plot as we continue to read more stories. During these past two months story time has been the highlight of the student’s day.

Just a reminder as the weather begins to change, please remember to update your child’s clothes. Weather permitting, we do go outside daily. The children need to be dressed appropriately.

Our Parent - Teacher Conferences will be virtual on Friday, November 19th. Parents should call Barbara in the front office to sign up, 914-693-4443. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any specific topics you would like to discuss. We look forward to “seeing” you then and sharing information. Please make sure your child is not in the same room as you during your conference as these are adult meetings.


School will be closed on the following days in November:

Nov 2: Staff Professional Development Day

Nov 11: Veteran’s Day

Nov 19: Parent - Teacher Conferences

Nov 24 - 26: Thanksgiving Recess


Warm Regards,

Mrs. Scagnelli, Mrs. Pascal, Miss. Julia, and Mrs. Dionisia


Our theme is: Thanksgiving/ North America



Pablo Picasso Portraits

Collage Leaf Painting

Turkey Handprint Potholder Craft

Thanksgiving Placemat


Cultural Arts/Geography:

North America Puzzle/Map

North America Pin Pushing

North America map rubbing

Animals in North America

North America photos

North America Box which contains animals from North America

3-part Cards of North America culture



Developmental Aim: Auditory discrimination, to hear rhymes, enrich vocabulary, oral communication, understanding visual cues, kinesthetic recognition of letters, match initial sound with object, develop auditory perceptual skills, to understand that sounds have an order in words, recognition of the difference between vowels and consonants, preparation for writing, acquisition of ability to trace, and phonetic elements.


Alphabet Mat 26 letters with objects focusing on beginning sounds

Alphabet Mat Roll matching alphabet letters

Rhyming Objects

Sequence Story

Sandpaper Letters and Objects [h], [g],[0], and [p]

Moveable Alphabet Dictation Sequence Stage 1

I- Spy Games

Metal Insets (Circle, Square, and Triangle)



In November by: Cynthia Rylant

Leaf Man by: Louis Ehlert

Stone Soup by: Marcia Br own

Turkey Trouble by: Wendi Silvano

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by: Margret Sutherland

Bear says Thanks by: Karma Wilson

There was an Old Lady who Swallowed a Turkey by: Lucille Colandro

Fletcher and the Falling Leaves by: Julia Rawlinson

Fry Bread by: Kevin Noble Maillard

Because of an Acorn by: Lola Schaefer



Developmental Aim: Practice one to correspondence, learning concept of numbers, preparation for higher numbers, Awareness of the sequence of higher numbers, exposure to zero as a place holder, awareness of patterns of our number system, awareness of changing from one decade to another, association of quantity and symbol for 1, 10, 100, gaining a sensorial impression of each quantity,

preparation for further work with decimal material, and growth toward understanding equivalences, and preparation for addition.


Counting with Leaves 1-10

Turkey Counting 1-10

Magnetic Board 1-10

November Calendar Tracing

Teen Board Presentation 1

Introduction Tray 2- Symbols (cards)

1-100 Board

Numeral Booklets Presentation 1

Teen Boards Presentation 2

Introduction Tray Presentation 3 (Quantities and Symbols)

Positive Snake Game Presentation 1


Practical Life:

Developmental Aim: Order, Concentration, Independence, eye hand coordination, Development of habits of order, Thumb finger coordination, finger control, classification skills, refine fine motor coordination, body awareness, aesthetic sense, preparation for sewing activities and learning to care for and arrange fresh flowers.


Dry Pouring with handles

Dry Pouring 1-2

Spooning and Pouring

Lids and Containers

Using Tongs

Tweezing Indian Corn

Sorting Utensils

Place Setting


Weaving with Ribbon

Using a Baster

Flower Arranging Station



Parts of a Tree

Animals that live in Trees

Parts of a Leaf

Bringing Nature inside

(Children will collect items from nature and observe items we collect)



Developmental Aim: Sense of logical sequence, Awareness of relationship between forms, Visual discrimination of forms, Extended Concentration, and Preparation for fractions.


Color Tablets – Gradation Tones

Geometric Solids

Geometric Bases

Triangle box

Monomial Cube

Binomial Cube

I-Spy Sensory Bottles

Making Pumpkin Muffins

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