Mrs. Hreyo & Mrs. Pascal's Class : September


Issue September 21 – October 2, 2020

Dear Parents,

September will be a month of getting to know your child and establishing class routines. We will assess each student and design a plan specific to their strengths, weaknesses and educational needs. As our team has assessed the first weeks of school we are pleased to see that the children are all thriving, showing us their personalities, and beginning to mesh as a class family. They are interacting appropriately when outside at play. When inside the class, they are exhibiting strong work ethics and are following the rules regarding social distance and working at their own shelf. When they see a work elsewhere that they are curious about, they let us know so that after it is cleaned and sanitized that night, they can use it the next day. Our day is flowing nicely!

Warmest regards from Fredricka Hreyo, Linda Pascal, Nancy Astreicher and Randi Schwartz

Our theme is: Peace

Art: Leaf rubbing

Self Portraits

Introduction to glue

Family tree


Please send in a picture of your family for our classroom family tree. You can send in an actual photo or a photocopy. If that doesn’t work, you can email or and we will print them at school. If you send an email to Barbara (, just let her know that you are a part of our class and ask her to print it for our tree.


Cultural Arts/Geography: The Seven Continents song

North America

The United States of America


Language: Sound of the Week work

Name/letter recognition

Daily reading of Books


Math: 0-5 work

Rote counting

Number recognition in isolation


Practical Life: Pouring (Dry transitioning to Wet)

Care of Plants


Science: Living/Non-Living

Life Cycle of an Ant


Sensorial: Color work (primary for some, secondary for some)

Shape work (triangles, circles, ovals, squares, rectangles)


Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home!