Ms. Megan's Class : December


December 2-20, 2019

Dear Families,


We hope you had a wonderful Thanksgiving!


This month’s theme is…Gingerbread and Winter Holidays!


● This month’s nature visit will be on Tuesday December 17th!

● We will be having our holiday party on Friday December 20th from 3:00-3:30. Please save the Date!


Vocabulary words we are using: gingerbread, brown, cookies, bake, dreidel, menorah, present, latkes, ornament, wreath, tree, stocking, lights, bells


Movement: Kelly will be leading a Gingerbread themed obstacle course


We are reading:

"Maisy Makes Gingerbread" By: Lucy Cousins

"Where is Baby’s Dreidel?" By: Karen Katz

"Where is Baby’s Christmas Present?" By: Karen Katz


Art projects:

● The children will decorate a large paper gingerbread house as a group with a variety of art materials such as dot paints for gum drops and cotton balls for snow

● The children will decorate a gingerbread man with their photo on it with pompoms and

glitter glue. The house and gingerbread men will decorate our bulletin


● The children will paint a dreidel with paintbrushes with a choice of blue or


● The children will make handprint menorahs

● The children will peel and stick holiday stickers

● The children will use their fingerprints to make a strand of llights on paper

● The children will explore art materials such as crayons, markers, and dot paints

to make a holiday colors collage


We are singing:

5 Gingerbread Men

Five gingerbread men lying on a tray

One jumped up and ran away

Shouting, “Catch me, catch me, catch me if you can”

I run really fast, I’m the Gingerbread Man!


(Please also see holiday songs sheet)


We are cooking/eating:

● Tala will be making gingerbread play doh with the class

● Kelly will be making holiday slime with the class


In our sensory bin: We have red and green rice that the children can sit in.


You can follow through with this theme at home by...

● Using vocabulary words listed above

● Reading books listed above

● Practice singing our holiday songs


We hope you have a wonderful holiday season!!!