Ms. Megan's Class : March


March 2-13, 2020



Dear Families,



This week’s theme is…Transportation!


Show & Tell: Friday March 13th. Please send your child with a transportation toy (car, truck, airplane, train, etc.)


Vocabulary words we are using:

Car, truck, airplane, train, boat, bus, wheel, horn, engine, caboose, stop, go



● Kelly will be directing a transportation themed yoga session

● The children will ride foot bikes on the back playground


We are reading: "Zoom, Zoom Baby" by: Karen Katz


Art projects:

● The children will each finger paint a train car to create a class train.

● The children will paint a half of a paper plate, then glue on wheels and windows to make a car.

● The children will participate in a free play activity to stamp cars on an ink pad and run them across a large sheet of paper.


We are singing:

"Wheels on the Bus"

"Row your Boat"

“The Airplane Song” by Laurie Berkner

“Drive My Car” by Laurie Berkner

(You can find all Laurie Berkner songs on YouTube. The children really enjoy them!)


We are eating: The children will build a boat with an apple slice, pretzel, and triangle sliced cheese. It will be modeled for the children to imitate


In our sensory bin: A car wash! Cars, water with soap, sponges, towels, and water spray bottles


You can follow through with this theme at home by...

● Using vocabulary words listed above

● Reading "Zoom, Zoom Baby"

● Singing songs listed above

● Re-creating art projects

● Re-creating the boat snack

● Playing car wash


Have a great week!