Ms. Megan's Class : November


November 18-26, 2019


Dear Families,


It was great seeing all of you during conferences! Thank you for taking the time to meet with us to discuss your child’s gains and goals. We look forward to watching them grow :)

October photos have been uploaded to the website! You can view them by going to “Classroom Corner” and using the password “1920Dobbs”


This week’s theme is… Thanksgiving!


You are invited to join us on Monday, November 25th at 3:00 for a small Thanksgiving celebration!

Joanne from Main Street Dentistry will be visiting us on Wednesday, November 20th! Each child will have a turn to use a big toothbrush to brush a puppet’s teeth.


Vocabulary words we are using:

Thanksgiving, cornucopia, fruit, vegetables, corn muffin, turkey, mashed potatoes, feathers, pumpkin pie, stuffing


Movement: Kelly will be conducting a Thanksgiving themed obstacle course


We are reading: Corduroy’s Thanksgiving By: Don Freeman


Art projects:

● The children will paint will an orange puffy paint mixture to make

pumpkin pie. They will also glue on cotton balls for whipped cream!

● The children will have their hand painted and stamped on paper to create a turkey

● The children will use stamps and stickers to decorate large paper to make a tablecloth for our thanksgiving celebration

● The children will crumple and stick yellow tissue paper to a green paper husk to make corn


We are singing:

Albuquerque Turkey By: The Learning Station (search on YouTube)


Funny Bird (to the tune of Pop Goes the Weasel)

A turkey is a funny bird

His head goes wobble, wobble

He knows just one funny word

Gobble, gobble, gobble!


Hello Mr. Turkey (to the tune of If You're Happy and You Know It)

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you?

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you?

With a gobble, gobble, gobble, and a wobble, wobble, wobble

Hello Mr. Turkey, how are you?


We are cooking/eating: Corn muffins! Image result for corn muffin images


In our sensory bin: An upside down strainer with a turkey face. The children will stick feathers into the strainer to create the turkey!


You can follow through with this theme at home by...

● Involving your child in simple cooking tasks at home (ex: mixing, mashing)

● Using vocabulary words listed above

● Reading Corduroy’s Thanksgiving

● Singing songs we are singing in class

● Talking about and practicing brushing your teeth



Have a great week!