Ms. Rocafuerte's Class 

Distance Learning Activities : April 6 - April 10

Please explore the resources and activities your child may enjoy doing while at home this week. I would welcome pictures of your child at play (work) or any works of art they come up with during our time out of the classroom.  I would love to post these pictures on our classroom corners page with your consent. 


Feel free to share your special moments via my email: 

Practical Life activities that children may do at home:

1.    Spooning (develops fine motor coordination and pincer grasp).

Supplies you may find at home to set up this activity: (one spoon, two small ramekins, bowls, or any small vessels.  Suggested materials that you may use in the bowl are salt, beans, rice or cereal and fill one bowl ½ way with the material of your choice and place to the left of the child. The 2nd bowl goes to the right of the child and remains empty.  Invite your child to show you how they transfer objects from left to right.


2.    Squeeze a Sponge (developmental aims: strengthens small muscles in the hand, develops coordination and concentration)

Supples you may use to set up this activity at home (two bowls and one small sponge).  Fill one small bowl mid-way with water, the other bowl remains empty, a sponge cut in half (only use ½ of the sponge).  Invite your child to show you how they squeeze a sponge in school. The child can practice dipping the sponge into the bowl with two hands and squeezing the sponge over into the empty bowl.  Encourage the child to use left to right movements.


3.    Folding

Invite your child to fold hand towels (refines hand/eye coordination, finger control) 

Supplies you may use for this type of activity: a small basket for the child to carry, squared washcloths


Sensorial  Activities at Home:

Take a Nature Walk in your neighborhood - listen for the sounds of nature.  Questions to ask: How does it feel outside? Is it breezy or is the air calm, Is it a cold day, warm day, bright and sunny, etc?  How does it feel on the skin? Take deep breaths and smell the fresh air.  



I-spy Game (this activity can be done in your home/ outside/ in the car - develops oral language) I-Spy Spring printable . Children may use the printable with crayons and they may do this activity alone or with an adult.

Read: “The Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle

Encourage your child to draw the various foods the caterpillar eats along the way or draw their own butterflies.  Have your child create their own little books about this story.  Recommended supplies: paper, colored markers, crayons or colored pencils, a child-size stapler. 

Name tracing (use a cookie sheet add one of the following: salt, sugar, sand or rice to the cookie sheet) invite your child to write their name or have them practice tracing the letters of the alphabet (upper case and lower case) say its sound.



Numerals and counters 0-10

For numerals use post-its, each numbered 0-10 (possible counters can be the use of goldfish, cheerios, pretzels, whatever you have) afterward invite the child to enjoy the counters as a snack.

April Calendar (download from Classroom Corner/Mrs. Rocafuerte)



Download: Life Cycle of a Butterfly

Click to see: Metamorphosis - The Great Transformation Video 



Snip or cut paper using child-friendly scissors. Invite the child to use the snips to create a collage using a gluestick or Elmers glue.  

Supply crayons /Crayola markers for open-ended art


Gross Motor: 

Click to see Video:"Let’s Get Fit"

Click to see Video: "Let’s Go Swimming"



I am available via email:  if you have any questions or concerns.