Ms. Rocafuerte's Class : December


Mrs. Rocafuerte’s Curriculum Schedule for the weeks of December 16th, 2019 - January 3rd, 2020


Practical Life:

Decorate snowflake cookies

Lacing stockings and dreidels

Grating soap



Smelling Bottles

Large Hexagon Box



Holiday tracing book

Sandpaper Letters/Object boxes [m] and [p]



Teens Board/Presentation1: Learning the names of numbers 11-19

January calendar/tracing numerals 1-31

Bead Stair extension work (coloring beads and tracing numerals)



We will talk about the new season of winter (Winter Solstice)

Animals that hibernate in the winter


Cultural Arts:

Continue learning about the Holidays from Around The World. We will talk about the celebrations and traditions associated with Hanukkah and Christmas.

We will look at Antarctica on the Montessori Globe



Continue working on Holiday Keepsakes

Snow Owl craft

2020 Banner



Music on Tuesdays with Miss. Jill

Yoga on Fridays with Ms. Sallie

Santa visits Alcott - Monday, Dec 16th

Hanukkah with The Kanzar Family, Monday, Dec 16th

Holiday Class Party ~ Wednesday, Dec. 18th at 11a.m. (Please park off site)

Reminder: No School: December 23rd - January 1st (Holiday Recess)

School resumes on Thursday, January 2nd, 2020