N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  R O C A F U E R T E  ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: November 2 - November 13, 2020


As we enter the month of November, I am reminded that it is time to turn back our clocks one hour. I thought about the extra hour that we gained and was inspired by all of the good that could be done during this one hour. Good for oneself and good for others. However, I also remembered that this extra hour may have an effect on your child’s behavior. As we all know, the effects of sleep deprivation impact the entire family. Children are just as confused about the time change as we are, and although our bodies will adjust naturally, some have a harder time than others. If you notice meltdowns become a bit more frequent after the time change, try and remember that lack of sleep could be the culprit. A suggestion for those who may need a little help, try adjusting your child’s bedtime by 10-15 minutes every few nights and don't forget to adjust your child’s other routines, like naps and meals by a few minutes every couple of days. A consistent routine is key for happy children, especially as we approach the holiday season in just a few weeks. I can’t believe I’m saying this but soon the children will be learning about Thanksgiving. This will be a perfect opportunity to guide children and help them build on the skills of empathy, kindness, and compassion. In our classroom this month we will focus on those skills and share what we are most thankful for this Thanksgiving. The Halloween parade was a spook-tacular way to end October, the children were so happy to wear their costumes to school. I will be posting pictures of our Halloween fun on the Alcott website. As the temperatures begin to drop even more, please make sure your child is dressed appropriately for outdoor activities and remember to please label all their belongings. Thank you for your cooperation.

Warmest regards, Mrs. Rocafuerte, Mrs. Cinquina and Ms.Guglielmi


Our theme: Harvest Time



Henry Matisse inspired art

Introduce watercolor paints

Color mixing


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Oceans of the World (learn the names of the 5 oceans)

North America on the colored Montessori Globe

Montessori Puzzle Map of North America



Sandpaper Letter and Object Box [s]

Rhyming objects (develops auditory discrimination, builds vocabulary)

Match beginning sounds (develops phonological awareness)

Read: “Leaf Man” by Lois Ehlert and activity to follow



Short Bead Stair 1-10 (recognizing numerals 1-10, one to one correspondence)

Hundred Board (number tabs 1-100)


Practical Life:

Lids and containers (opening/ closing varies size containers develops fine motor skills)

Wet pouring 1:1 with handles (pouring water from one pitcher to another)

Using tongs and tweezers (learning to squeeze using 3 finger grasp)



Forest animals

Sort pictures of living and nonliving things



Color Tablets Box II (a box of color tablets that consist of primary and secondary colors)

Shadow matching

Matching pressed leaves

Sorting by color


Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home and

Sign-up for your Fri Nov 20th Parent/Teacher ZOOM conference (info coming soon)!