Ms. Rocafuerte's Class : September


Issue September 21 – October 2, 2020

Dear Parents,In the upcoming weeks the children will be introduced to the Music, Nature and Spanish Enrichment Programs. The children will continue to explore the materials, make connections with their classmates and teachers. We will reinforce the expectations for a safe and peaceful classroom environment.

Warmest regards from Laura Rocafuerte, Lori Cinguina and Liana Guglielmi


Our theme is: Apples


Art: Apple Prints, How to use glue/ Name Collage, How to use scissors/cutting strips


Cultural Arts/Geography: Peace Day is on Sept. 21st, the class will learn the words to “Light A Candle for Peace” by Shelley Murley, Read “Our Peaceful Classroom” by Aline D. Wolf, Introduce the Continent Globes, Puzzle Map of the World, Community Helpers Puzzles (3 y/o)


Language: Introduce Sandpaper Letters [a] and [s], Object boxes [a] and [s], Object/Picture matching, Apple Varieties/ 3-Part Cards (develops vocabulary/oral communication), Apple Life Cycle/ Sequence Cards, Read: “Ten Apples Up on Top” by Dr. Seuss and “Johnny Appleseed” by Jodie Shepherd


Math: Sandpaper Numerals (learning names of numerals 0-9, practice tracing numerals), Spindle Boxes [0-9], Red and Blue Rods, Short Bead Stair (develops the child’s ability to recognize quantities 1-9), Numerals and Counters [0-9], Apple Counting (1-10)


Practical Life: Pushing in a chair quietly and carefully, Walking feet, Dry Pouring 1-1 without handles, Dry Pouring 1-1 with handles children will work on the ability to pour from one vessel to another without spilling, Spooning Beans, Bead Stringing, Button Dressing Frame, Snap Button Dressing Frame (children learn how to manipulate buttons and snaps, develops fine motor, independence and care of self). Carry a tray/ box (develops hand/eye coordination, small muscle control) Practice handwashing (care of self and independence)


Science: Parts of an Apple, Read: “Germs are Not for Sharing” by Elizabeth Verdick, Discuss the importance of handwashing, covering coughs and sneezes.


Sensorial: Pink Tower of Cubes (children learn to assemble and disassemble 10 pink cubes by size), Brown Stairs (assembling 10 brown prisms in decreasing order of size, develops sense of order, hand/eye coordination), Red Rods (arranging the rods from longest to shortest, develops sense of order, independence, coordination and concentration) Color Tablets (develops visual discrimination, names of colors), Knobless Cylinders, Knobbed Cylinders (arranging the cylinders in a horizontal row according to size, develops order, concentration, preparation for handwriting).


Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home!