Ms. Rocafuerte's Class : September


Mrs. Rocafuerte’s Curriculum Schedule for the weeks of September 30th-October 11th, 2019


Grace and Courtesy: "The Peace Table" (children will get a demonstration on the skill of solving problems peacefully with the use of a Peace Rose) Read: “The Peace Rose”by Alicia Jewell

Practical Life:

Introduction of Dressing Frames: Button, Snap and Zipper (each frame helps to develop hand-eye coordination, builds independence and care of self)


Knobbed Cylinder Blocks 3 and 4 

Geometric Cabinet - Presentation Tray (circle, square, triangle)


Sandpaper Letter/ Object box [a]

Circle, Square and Triangle Metal Insets

Types of apples / 3-part cards


Hanging Bear Stair (1-9)

Counting and tracing numerals / October Calendar

Apples in the tree counting activity


Parts of the apple/ 3-part cards

Read: “The Little Red House with No Doors and No Windows and A Star Inside” Adopted from a story by Carolina Sherwin Bailey (Apple demonstration will follow)

Learning Seasons with an apple tree

Cultural Arts:

Community Helpers


Season trees/ glue activity

REMINDER: No School Monday, Sept. 30th and Tuesday, Oct. 1st - Rosh Hashanah