Ms. Rupa's Class : December


Dear Parents,

It was a pleasure to meet you all during our Thanksgiving celebration. The children were excited to grind wheat to prepare bread and churn their own fresh yummy, butter. They also prepared pinched pottery for the party and to welcome all the parents in our class. The activities such as grinding, and churning have jump started our simple machines unit. The children also had fun performing their song “Dip, dip and swing” to a very supportive audience. This party would not have been a success without your continued support and enthusiasm. We are grateful to have all of you as part of our thanksgiving celebration.

November was a short month and it went by quickly in preparation for Thanksgiving festivities. We took this opportunity to start our culture unit by tracing back Native American roots. In order to understand the class, racial, ethnic and gender relationships of our contemporary nation - U.S.A., it is important that the children understand the history and ethnic relationships of once an emerging nation from the very young age. We started to investigate about America’s First People’s daily activities including the rituals, beliefs, longstanding traditions and complicated history by asking simple questions such as: Where did they live? How did they learn to survive and build thriving communities? How did they become inventors, diplomates and artists? We started investigating into native rock art symbols, pinched and coiled pottery, quilting as well as basket weaving.

Please take time out to review our classroom pictures to catch a small glimpse of Montessori curriculum during the month of November.


We would like to thank our guest parents who shared their expertise with our students. As you all remember, with the Halloween celebration we started studying about the human skeleton. This month we delved deeper into axial and appendicular bones of the human body. What could be the better time to study the digestive system other than with the thanksgiving feast? We will continue studying about other human body systems in upcoming months. We will use concrete simulation models, as well as virtual and augmented reality models to view the body as a system, in which some parts do things for other parts and some for the entire organism. We will conceptually separate components working together to build a system. To understand that most modules are composed of different parts and that an element may not work if any parts are missing. We will continue observing using our five senses to know that an assembly of parts can perform functions that the single parts cannot perform alone or better.


We will continue observing form and function of leaves, different parts of plants in botany, North/ South America and Africa and biomes in Geography and famous artists in visual arts. We will learn songs about Christmas, Hanukah and Kwanza in the month of December.

Stay tuned for the Gingerbread House decoration and Holiday Sing Along celebrations. You are invited to join us on Dec, 19 at 9:00 am to take part in these activities.

School is closed December 23-January 1.


Ms. Rupa, Ms. Patti, Ms. Amanda