Ms. Rupa's Class : March


Dear Parents,


February moved by quickly, yet the children showed remarkable progress in working with Montessori materials. Thank you to all the parents who made our February celebrations an enriching experience for everyone. We are grateful for your continued involvement in various forms such as book readings, birthday celebrations, scientific/cultural presentations and supplying materials for the classroom. We are excited to have Ms. Yesim as our new team member. Just a kind reminder, for us to have successful work cycle in the morning, please have your child use the bathroom and wash their hands before they enter the classroom. (We are counting til 20 while scrubbing our hands).


Below is what we have been doing and a quick glimpse on what to expect during March.



We continued learning about Asia and began learning about Africa in February. We talked in detail about China, Japan, and India. We will continue studying about Ukraine, Indonesia, Bangladesh, and Pakistan this month. We learned about select African animals last month, now we will focus on African culture. If time allows, Australia will be a new continent this month which we will continue to explore over next few months. As a school wide curriculum our class will be exploring Africa in depth.



We have been talking about diverse ways to protect our planet Earth. This month we will refresh our memories about layers of the Earth and discuss alternative energy sources that are ecofriendly. We will talk about the importance of composting and see how worms “move the Earth”. We saw a lever and an inclined plane as simple machines, now we will look further into the wheel and axel, pully, and screw. We will start engineering activities this month. In Physics, we will continue learning about Newtons laws of motion with “Stop and Start” and “Fast and Far” activities.



We talked about parts of a flower and cherry blossoms last month. This month we will see how insects help pollinate the flowers. If time allows, will also start our own hydroponics lab and terrarium.



So far, we have found out that there are diverse groups of invertebrates. Arthropods are animals that have a hard-outside covering called an exoskeleton. We talked about arachnids, spiders, and insects. This month we will talk about butterflies, bees, beetles, and ants. The children also have started studying about fish and their life within coral reef habitat. The children have understood the difference between the mammals and birds, now we will examine the classification of the reptiles and amphibians.


We will continue working with time, money, and fractions along with our Montessori curriculum.



We explored various kinds of books such as books without words, books with no pictures and pop up books about facts. This month we will acknowledge Dr. Seuss and select British authors. All of our kindergarten goers have started decoding simple “Bob Books” or other beginning reading series and the younger children have shown growth in phonetic awareness. Language will continue as per our Montessori curriculum.


The children enjoyed engineering a pendulum and made “action paintings” or the “drip art”. They understood that a pendulum is a fixed object hung from a point so it can swing freely back and forth due to the force of gravity. When proving the physics of a pendulum, we used a swing as an example. Now, we will explore “assemblage” as an art form using plastic and cardboard. In addition, we will look at aboriginal art of Australia and various art forms of Africa.



We will learn songs about spring and musical instruments of Africa.



Please make sure all the extra clothes are stored inside the shoe box labeled with your child's name clearly marked. For safety reasons all the clothes must be stored within a container with a lid. After adding clothes to your children’s bin in the bathroom, please reset the lock on the closet handles for all children’s safety.


School is closed Wednesday, March 11 for Staff Development Day.

Parent Teacher Conferences, March 19 & 20. Look for the sign-up sheet outside our classroom.

See March Happenings flyer for other important dates to remeber



Ms. Rupa, Ms. Patti, Ms. Yesim.