Ms. Rupa's Class : November


November Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Thank you so much for making our Halloween parade a success. The children were excited to have a cheerful and supportive audience. We had a busy yet festive October. The children enjoyed making veggie skeletons and decorating their pumpkins. Our sincere thanks to parents who visited our classroom to celebrate Diwali as part of our cultural curriculum. We are continuing to encourage ground rules and grace & courtesy lessons as an integral part of our ongoing efforts and in accordance with PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support) As of now, our class seems to have settled very well with a tone of kindness, freedom of choice within a limit, growing independence and a deep desire to learn. Our Montessori curriculum in the areas of Practical life, Sensorial, Math and Language paths have started and are progressing as per expectations along with various activities in science, music, engineering and art. 

We have jump started the science curriculum by inquiring into astronomy and space science through the topic of calendars, measurement of time and its impact on past and present societies, planets and their path in the sky, the cycles of day and night, the seasons, phases of the Moon, constellations…. all the phenomena that punctures and shapes our daily lives. We read a book which explained in a very simple scientific terms how the universe was formed through chaos and creativity. The book narrated how time after time our universe nearly perished, then bravely triumphed and turned itself into new and even more spectacular forms – like the Sun and Earth. We are regularly discussing concepts such as seasons are caused by the Earth changing its distance from the sun as it orbits the sun, moon phases are caused by the shadow of Earth, the moon has a less gravity than the Earth, the solar system contains only sun, moon and planets, Meteors are falling stars, galaxy is very crowded, all the stars are not same size, where do we belong in the entire Universe etc. in a concrete manner. You may have seen cosmic address project made by your child. Apart from space, we are observing the form and function of leaves in botany. In zoology we are discussing human anatomy along with other vertebrates and in physics we are looking at simple machines. 

In art, we looked at art works of various artists, in Geography we started our focus on North America and in music we are practicing the auditory discrimination through five notes. In our class the children start their morning work cycle as soon as class door opens so please make sure to give your child a bathroom break and monitor he/she washes their hands right before they enter the classroom. Kindly try to be on time so that your child gets into the consistent rhythm of the day along with their friends. 

We look forward to meeting all the parents at our Thanksgiving party!  Your patience, help and continued support is sincerely appreciated by entire team.


November 5: School closed for staff training. 

November 22: School closed for day time parent teacher conferences.

November 26: Thanksgiving party 2.30 – 3.10 p.m., parents are invited, signup sheet for food and R.S.V.P.  list will be posted outside of the classroom. 

November 27 – 29: School closed for Thanksgiving break. 

Please see the November Happenings Flyer for other information.



Ms. Rupa, Ms. Amanda, Ms. Patti