Ms. Scagnelli's Class : February


Curriculum Schedule for February 24th - March 6th, 2020



Practical Life:

Buckle Frame

Chair scrubbing

Scrubbing a giraffe

Dishwashing station



Brown Stair and Pink Tower extension

Shape mat (match the object with the correct shape)

Taking a nature walk



Puzzle words (children will use stamps to make a booklet with sight words)

Moveable alphabet using short phrases

Sand tray extension using a paint brush (this will enable the child to use proper pencil grip)

Reading Elizabetha Doll by Steve Boden

Objectives: Children will learn about life in Africa and understanding of family relationships



Greater than, less than

Decimal layout mat extension

Addition Strip Board presentation II

Introduction to multiplication



Solar System Unit (Children will make each planet with Styrofoam)

We will discuss facts about each planet

3 Part Cards - Planets


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Africa Unit

Locating Africa on the map

Observing photos of African animals

3 Part Cards - African animals



Foam collage

Bean mosaic work

Rock doll



Music with Miss Jill

Yoga with Miss Alex

Nature with Nature of Things

Dentist hygienist visits Alcott Monday, Feb 24th