Ms. Scagnelli's Class : March


Curriculum Schedule for March 9th -20th, 2020


Practical Life:

Continuing dish washing station

Making Rainbow bracelet

Giraffe scrubbing

Pouring water 1:3




Tactile discrimination

Shape mat - matching different sizes



Sandpaper letter/object boxes [l] [k] [w]


"Africa Calling" by Daniel Aderman

Giraffe nomenclature booklet

Long word lists



Counting with shamrocks (1-10)

Graphs 1-10

Continuing static addition

March calendar



Constellations (children will make a booklet of constellations)

Sink and float

Classifying animals according to the food they eat (carnivore, omnivore, herbivore)


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Africa Unit: observing photos from Africa, examining African masks, masks are used for ceremonial and festive purposes

Children will make an African mask



Sand sculpture

Art bank boxes



Music with Miss Jill

Yoga with Miss Alex

Art with Ms. Smita

Kamia’s parents will celebrate St. Patrick’s Day with our class

Reminder: No school on Wednesday, March 11th. Professional Development day for staff

No school on Friday, March 20th. Parent teacher conferences

Beach Day! March 27th Wear your favorite summer t-shirt