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N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M R S.  N A K U M ’ S  C L A S S
Issue: November 1 - November 30, 2021

Dear Parents,

We sure had fun with Pumpkins during the month of October. We incorporated pumpkins into all areas of our classroom from learning about parts of a Pumpkin, to being little investigators as we explored the inside and outside of a Pumpkin and then carved a face.

We can’t believe it’s November!! The holidays are coming around the corner giving children many opportunities to learn so many amazing things about culture, traditions, values and our history.

Our lives are blessed with hugs and smiles every day, which we are all grateful for. Therefore, our class this month will be learning ways of showing kindness, appreciation and thanks as we work and play together. Thanksgiving is an ‘Act of Giving’. We will learn about the First Thanksgiving with Pilgrims and Native Americans. We will also be learning about the Festival of Diwali by decorating Rangoli patterns, looking at beautiful Divas and cultural Hindu clothes worn during the festival.

We have lots of new Montessori work to present and explore, as children are getting more comfortable working independently. Their concentration, coordination and order are coming along nicely, we are so proud of them. Our circle time will be filled with Fall songs and stories, presentations and opportunity for children to share their learnings and questions with the class. We will be learning about leaves and sunflowers and incorporating them into all areas of the curriculum from art to science and into math and language activities. We will continue to learn about the Continents and introduce the children to some of the most common animals in each continent.

Our Parent - Teacher Conferences will be virtual on Friday, November 19th. Parents should call Barbara in the front office to sign up, 914-693-4443. Please let us know ahead of time if there are any specific topics you would like to discuss. We look forward to “seeing” you then and sharing information. Please make sure your child is not in the same room as you during your conference as these are adult meetings.

Warmest regards,

Punita and Nancy


Our theme is: I am Thankful


Introducing water colors Leaf Painting

Introducing the Artist Picasso

Coloring beautiful Rangoli Patterns for Diwali

Scarecrow Art project


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Most common Animals of the seven Continents

Continent floor puzzle with animals

We will learn about the Hindu festival Diwali Nov. 4th (The festival of lights)

Introducing Continent puzzle of North America

Pin Pushing of North America,

We will be talking about Natives Americans and Thanksgiving



Learning to write your name (Introducing children to tracing their names)

Sandpaper letter/Object (I,i) (M, m) (T, t) (children trace the shape of the letter with the index and middle finger and say the sound and match correct object to letter sound)

Introducing to reading 3 letter words with pictures cards (Vowel a)


Hexagon Metal insert

Thanksgiving Wordbook

Scarecrow Sentences (Scarecrow sentences are phonetically decodable and only include one sight word “the”. This activity is used for inference activity were the adult reads the card and have the child figure out the appropriate picture)



Ten Board

Hundred Board

Introduction tray- Quantity and Symbols

Continue working on Measurement

Thanksgiving Counting-Scarecrow number cards used like cards and counters)

Basic math word problems cards - (Introducing addition with simple sentences read by teacher and children use pumpkin and leaf counters to solve the problem - small circle activity)


Practical Life:

Introducing wet Pouring 1: 1 (pitcher with water poured into another pitcher)

Transferring Water with an Eyedropper

Pumpkin Scrubbing (hand-eye coordination, hand muscle strengthening)

Using Tweezers to pull out dry corn from an Indian corn

Using a Turkey Baster to transfer water from one bowl into another

Transferring popcorn kennels from one bowl to another

Weaving ribbons

Leaf sorting

Leaf hole punching

Leaf Button snake



Parts of the Sunflower

Parts of a Leaf and Leaf puzzle

Leaf and Seeds

Animal Movements

Animals with hair, feathers, or scales



Binomal Cube

Mystery Bag

Demonstration Tray of the Geometric Cabinet (Prepare children for geometric cabinet introducing names and characteristics of the shapes)



Diwali The Magical Diyas by Anita Rathod

Diwali by Hannah Eliot

I'm Thankful Each Day! by P.K Hallinan

Turkey Trouble by Wendi Silvano

Thanksgiving with Emily by Teresa Johnson

Thanksgiving Day Thanks by Laura Malone Elliott

Thanksgiving is for Giving Thanks by Maragaret Sutherland 

Twas the Night Before Thanksgiving by Dav Pilkey

Thanksgiving Day at Our House by Nancy White Carlstrom



Mondays – Music Enrichment 9:30am

Tuesdays – Spanish Enrichment 11:00am



  • Tuesday, Nov.2nd Staff Day- No School

  • Thursday, Nov 11th Veterans Day- No School

  • Friday, Nov. 19th Parent/teacher conferences

  • Wednesday 24th- Friday 26th Thanksgiving break- No School

  • Please remember to check your child’s folder/backpack at the end of each school day for any important information.

  • Weather permitting, we always take the children outside - Please make sure your child is properly dressed and his/her coat is labeled with his/her name.

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