Ms. Victoria's Class  : October


Mrs. Scagnelli’s Curriculum Schedule for October 28th – November 8th, 2019


Practical Life:

Spooning and pouring with corn kernels

Using tongs

Flower arranging

Sorting utensils

Setting a table activity



Geometric Solids with bases (preparation for geometry, analysis of form, & discrimination of form)

Geometric Cabinet (demo tray) (development of visual and muscular discrimination of form & preparation for hand washing)



Vocabulary enrichment cards (vocabulary enrichment)

Sandpaper letters and objects [d] and [f]

Rhyming objects (auditory discrimination)

Reading “Stone Soup” by Marcia Brown (We will make stone soup and concentrate on sequencing in the story)



Teen Board presentation 1

Introduction Tray presentation 1

Hang Bead Stair 11-19

November calendar



Organ unit (children will make an organ vest (we will have “surgery” day, children will place organs on their vest and discuss facts about each organ)

Parts of a tree

Animals that live in trees


Cultural Arts/Geography:

Introduce the Color Globe (each continent is represented by a color)

Introduce North America

North America puzzle/map

North American animals



Leaf painting

Paper cutting station


Music with Miss Jill

Scholastic Book Fair Nov. 4 - 12

Nature on Nov. 6

Yoga with Miss Sallie

Sensory Gym October 30th 

Halloween Parade October 31st at 11:10

Staff Day Nov 5th (no school)