Ms. Scagnelli's Class  : September


Mrs. Scagnelli’s  Curriculum Schedule for September 16th – 27th, 2019

​Practical Life:

Slicing apples

Clamping clothes pin (learning to squeeze using 3 finger grasp)

Sorting  (thumb finger coordination)

Squeezing a sponge (coordination, concentration, order, independence)

Hammering a pumpkin (eye/hand coordination

Dry pouring without handles (ability to pour from one vessel to the other)


Brownstair (preparation for base 10 system, spatial relationship)

Long Rods (visual discrimination of length)

Knobless Cylinders ((development of perception of dimensions)

Color Tablets / primary colors (development of the chromatic sense)


Sandpaper Letters and Objects [a] [b] 

Parts of an apple booklet

”Where The Wild Things Are” by Maurice Sendak

Classified Cards

Object discrimination

Picture Matching Sandpaper Letters and Objects [m] [c]

Poem:  "October" by Maurice Sendak

Name Tracing activity


Rods and Numerals (grading, growth in concentration 

Spindle Boxes (independence, quantification)

Numerals and Counters (practice counting)

Memory Game (reinforcing association of quantities with numerals)



Parts of an apple

Dissecting an apple (learning about parts of an apple)

Science Experiment (children will learn about the scientific process, ask a question, experiment, observe, and record)

Cultural Arts/Geography:

Land Forms: Lake/Island

Examine sandpaper globe (children will feel the continents on the globe)

Pin pushing lake and island

Locating lakes and islands on our world map book


Pasting activity

Watercolor activity

REMINDER: No School Monday, Sept. 30th and Tuesday, Oct. 1st - Rosh Hashanah