Ms. Suki's Class : Distance Learning - Lesson Plan 1

April 6th –April 10th




Practical Life:

-transferring water from one bowl to the other using a baster,

-transferring little objects from one bowl to the other bowl using a spoon,

-stringing beads



-provide story books related to spring and spring holidays: suggested books are “When Spring Comes” by Kevin Hankes, “ Little Cloud” by Eric Carle, “Very Hungry Caterpillar” by Eric Carle, “If You Plant a Seed” by Kadir Nelson. These are some suggestions but any books you have at home will also do.

-use vocabulary related to spring during your daily conversation:

spring, seasons, bush, nest, robin, blossom, seed, to buzz, to move, to bounce, to crash, to help, to race, to plant, are some examples



-counting objects 1-10,10-20

-matching numbers with numerals 1-10 , 10-20



-experiment with combining different items into a cup of water

(a drop of vegetable oil, tea spoon of sugar, tea spoon of flour etc.)

-sink and float experiment. Drop a different small object into a bowl of water to see if it floats or sinks


Fine Motor:

-snipping/cutting using scissors (give your child thin strips of poster board paper to make it easy)

-collage with glue

-coloring with crayons


Gross Motor:

-walk, run, jump, climb, ride a tricycle


Sensory Activities:

-play dough

-hand washing



-participate in preparing snack

such as pouring water from a small pitcher into a cup and take a few pieces of fruits from a bowl you prepare

-prepare a set of clothes to wear the next day before going to bed


Social Skills:

-encourage your child to use proper words such as “please”, “thank you” on a consistent basis

-remind your child to “share” and “wait for a turn”