Ms. Suki's Class : February


Hi Families!


It is amazing that we are in the month of February! The school year is moving fast.


Just this past week we learned about Chinese New Year through books, music, and art projects. All activities were so much fun. We thank Borui’s family for visiting us with special projects. Through the end of January and beginning of February, we also learned about Grand hog Day via books and projects. Regardless of Mr. Grand Hog’s prediction, we seem to have more winter weather ahead of us for the time being. We are exploring many indoor and outdoor activities which are closely related the weather.


The first two weeks of the month, we will be very busy getting ready for Valentine’s Day. We will read books such as Lilly’s Chocolate Hear, Give a Little Love and Biscuit’s Valentine’s Day. We will have our Valentine’s Day mailbox ready by Feb. 10th for our children to put their cards for their classmates. We will have a small class celebration on the Feb. 14th, and the cards will be distributed to the children at that time. Please be mindful of our effort to minimize unhealthy snacks, and choose appropriate goodies if you choose to add something extra to the cards. Please make sure if you are sending in Valentine’s cards that there is one for each child. If you need a list of the children in the class, stop by the front office and ask Donna.


We are adding two new areas of work in addition to areas we have since the beginning of the school year. In addition to practical life, sensorial, puzzles, and language, we are adding a science area and culture area. In the area of science, the children will enjoy “experiments” in toddler ways. The children will experiment with different objects to find out whether they are magnetic or non-magnetic. They will also experiment with color lenses. Another experiment they will enjoy is sink/float. A tornado bottle will be added to the area soon. In the area of culture, the children will be exposed to different toys from different countries. The floor puzzle of international costumes will introduce children to different cultures. If you have any objects and books from foreign countries to add to the area, please let us know. In addition to these two areas, we will take a part in our 3 month long whole school curriculum about the continents of the world. The project will culminate with the Amazing Race in the spring. The toddler classes will be in charge of displays and activities related to continent of Asia. Any special ideas for the projects, please let us know.


Despite the weather, we will continue to enjoy physical activities in the playgrounds and the bike yard. Please check the weather closely and dress the children appropriately for the indoor and outdoor gross motor activities.



School Closed /Feb, 17-21

Beach Day/Feb. 24



Will you be a Friend of Mine?

Will you be a friend of mine, friend of mine, friend of mine?

Will you be a friend of mine, and send a Valentine.

Yes, I will be a friend of yours, friend of yours, friend of yours,

Yes, I will be a friend of yours, and send a Valentine.


I Love You

I love you, you love me

We’re a happy family

With a great big hug and kiss from me to you

Won’t you say you love me too.


New Work:

Sensory table: Cornmeal and kosher salt

Sensorial Area: Number box

Language: Floor puzzles

“Polar Bear Polar Bear What Do You Hear” and props

Practical Life: Cantaloupe scooping/cream cheese spreading on bagels

Grading soap bar


Science: Color mixing with color lenses

Sink and float


Tornado bottle

Culture: Books

Toys from other countries

As always, please feel free to contact us for any questions, concerns, or suggestions.


Best Regards,

Ms. Suki, Ms. Carmella, and Ms. Chauna