N E W S  &  L E S S O N S  F R O M  M S.  S U K I ’ S  C L A S S

Issue: November 2 – November 13, 2020


Dear Families:

It is getting cold and outdoor scene is quickly changing. Although we must put a couple of extra layers on us, we continue to enjoy outdoor activities as often as we can.

The children did a great job marching at the Halloween parade. We hope you’ll get a chance to see memorable shots from the day as well as other adorable snap shots of their school days.

As you may know already, the morning drop-off routines are getting smoother and smoother. The children are ready to have fun with their friends without much help by teachers. The children are aware of friends’ names, and they are beginning to initiate interactions. In the classroom, the children are staying in their spots and actively participating in circle activities for more than 10 minutes, with minor assistance by teachers. They are listening to stories, singing songs, reciting poems, and learning new activities introduced by a teacher. Through Montessori activities, the children are getting familiar with new concepts such as colors, shapes, numbers, sizes, and others. We are also enjoying Music and Nature enrichment.

We are going to have our fall parent teacher conferences on November 20th via Zoom. Detailed information will be provided soon. If you have specific subjects you’d like to focus on, please send us an email. The conference is strictly for teachers and parents. Please make an appropriate childcare arrangement for your conference time.

Thank you,

Suki, Dionisia and Jeanne



Theme: Fall/All about me and Thanksgiving


Art: Face collages

Body collages



Painting at the easel

Watercolor painting

3D collages


Books being read: A variety books about fall, feelings and Thanksgiving


Grace and courtesy: Respectful to yourself and to others:

To use words to make protest staying calm when you are annoyed

To learn to express own feelings with appropriate words.

To be aware of friend’s feeling, with teacher’s assistance


Language: Goals -To familiarize with fall related words, to familiarize with simple object words and action words through stories/songs, to increasingly use words to express own wants and needs and to learn to respond to simple questions using a word or short phrases

Learning of body part names

Learning of feeling words

Learning to introduce own name, gender and age

Learning to verbally express own feelings using simple phrases

Learning Turkey Poem

Learning simple songs such as: “Head shoulders and knees and toes, “If you are happy, clap our hands”



Rote counting 1 to 10, 10-15

Recognition of numerals 1-10, 10-15

Understanding one to one correspondence


Sensorial: Goals -to develop visual perception, auditory, olfactory,

Recognizing basic shapes, matching/sorting shapes

Recognizing size differences small, medium and large

Recognizing basic colors and matching/sorting colors

Recognizing different auditory stimulations

Recognizing different olfactory stimulations


Practical Life: Goals - to develop fine motor and to work on grasp

Placing small objects into an open space

Transferring objects between cups, using spoons and tongs

Grasping crayons, dot paints and paint brush to draw and paint

Snipping paper

Feeding and drinking independently

Working with non- interlocking puzzles with/without knobs

Working with simple interlocking puzzles


Sensory Regulation: Goals - to promote sensory regulation by experimenting with different textures

Playing with leaves

Playdough play with cookie cutters and rolling pins

Work with paints and glue



“Head, shoulders and knees and toes”

“If you are happy and you know It”

“Smells like Thanksgiving”

“On Thanksgiving Day”

“The wheels on the bus”


Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home!