Ms. Suki's Class  : November


November Newsletter



Hi Families!

It is clear that the fall season is here because we see beautiful foliage everywhere. It is getting chilly outside and Thanksgiving time is approaching. 


It was great seeing you at the Harvest Festival. The weather was in our favor. Everyone enjoyed the food, music, activities and building of friendships. Thank you for supporting Alcott. 


The children did a great job marching at the Halloween parade. It was a lot of fun and we hope you got many memorable shots of them.


The children are getting better with smoothly saying goodbye and joining the class in the morning. They are following basic routines and staying focused in their tasks with little assistance by the teachers. They are now able to sit during circle for 10-15 minutes listening to a story, singing songs, tasting food, and learning new activities. We are also enjoying weekly specials of movement and music. We also have nature which is scheduled once a month. Yoga time will be starting soon.

In addition to many Montessori fun activities, we are getting familiar with new cognitive concepts such as colors, shapes and sizes. These concepts are being introduced through stories, sensorial tasks, movement activities, as well as art projects. 


This year’s school wide project is PBIS - Positive Behavioral Intervention and Support. Although this project is largely geared toward 3-5 year old children, our toddler friends will be a part of project in a toddler friendly way. Three important messages of this project are: “We are kind”, “We are respectful”, and “We are safe”.  For our little friends, these mottoes are explained as “To be kind to each other”, “To share and to take turns, and “To remember the safety rules”.  Remembering these mottoes and to have fun together are often reminded and modeled throughout a day. From time to time, we will add a special pink stone into a vase to give positively recognize a member who demonstrates these mottoes during our circle time. 


As school has already informed you, we will have our fall parent teacher conferences on November 21st in the evening and November 22nd during the morning. Signing up can be done on line. If you have any specific subjects you’d like to focus on, please let us know in advance. As mentioned previously, it is strictly for teachers and parents. Please make an appropriate child care arrangement for your conference time.


The sign up sheet for different holidays is now posted in the hallway. Please let us know which occasion you can share your expertise with the class. It can be simply reading a story or showing pictures from the place you came from. 


The Thanksgiving party for the class is scheduled for the November 26th from 10:45 to 11:30.  We will post a sign up sheet of items we need for the party by Nov. 12th.  Please look out for it. All parents are invited to attend. We are looking forward to having our first get together.



"Smell Like Thanksgiving"

Smells like Thanksgiving, smells like Thanksgiving,

Mmm so good, mmm so good

I can smell the turkey,

I can smell the pies,

Mmm so good, mmm so good.

"On Thanksgiving Day"

Turkey is so good to eat, good to eat, good to eat,

Turkey is so good to eat, on Thanksgiving Day.

Friends and family gather round, gather round, gather round,

Friends and family gather round on Thanksgiving Day.

"Turkey Poem":

The turkey is a funny bird

His head goes wobble, wobble

And all he says is just one word

Gobble! Gobble! Gobble!


Books we are reading:

"Thanks Giving Is For Giving Thanks"

"Bear Says Thanks"

"Lots Of Thanks"

"A Rainbow All Around Me"


Sensory table:

Cones with shovels and bowls


Please read the November Happenings Flyer for other information.


Best Regards,

Ms. Suki, Ms. Tiffany, and Ms. Carmella