Ms. Suki's Class  : September


Issue September 21 – October 2, 2020

Dear Families:

Welcome to the Toddler Class of 2020-2021! Some of our new friends have started the school year, and the others will join the class soon. We are excited to be together for our new journey.

Our focus for the first few weeks is separation. Our goal is to make sure that everyone feels safe, comfortable and enjoys their time at school, as this is the first time being without parents. Separation varies for each child. We will support each child allowing them the time that they need to build trust. We are here to work with each child and family to establish a positive foundation for lifelong learning. Please feel free to share your concerns and requests.

Warm regards, Suki and Jeanne


Theme: Fall/Apple/Leaves


Books being read:

The Busy Squirrel by Nancy Tafuri

Welcome Fall Apples by Marilyn Easton

Apple pie Tree by Zoe Hall

Leaves by Eyelike Nature

Brown Bear Brown Bear What Do You See by Bill martin Jr. and Eric Carle


Art: to explore different art materials with different textures

Apple/leaf decoration with dot paints and markers

Apple/leaf collage using glue stick

Drawing with chalk


Grace and courtesy: to learn to use words such as “please” and “thank you”


Language: to get familiarized with simple object words and action words through stories/songs, to build vocabulary and learn to express own wants and needs

Listening to books and poems

Practicing the names of the children and teachers

Learning to use simple phrases to express wants and needs

Learning simple songs


Math: to familiarize with simple numbers, different shapes and different sizes

Rote counting 1,2,3

Recognizing simple shapes

Recognizing size differences


Practical Life: to refine fine motor skills and to be increasingly independent

Working on grasp via transferring small objects into an open space

Drawing with markers and dot paints

Eating and drinking independently

Working with non- interlocking knobbed puzzles


Sensorial: to promote sensory regulation by experimenting with different textures

Playing with leaves

Playdough with cookie cutters and rolling pin


Songs:”Twinkle, twinkle little star”

“Open shut them”

“Two hands up and two hands down”

Remember to look for the monthly calendar with current reminders being sent home