Ms. Sylvia's Class : February


                “Allowing the child to observe, to explore and to follow his normal interests is a form of respect towards the child.”

                                                                                                                                                                          Maria Montessori


Dear Parents,

The month of January was exciting with all the special days we planned for the children. We learned about Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., and the seasons of the year. We began learning how to tell time, we had fun during spirit week and learned about dinosaurs. As part of our peace curriculum we baked banana bread to celebrate our acts of kindness to each. We celebrated Chinese New Year with some of our parents. Thank you for coming and bringing joy to our classroom! As part of our celebration we had a fun parade through the hallway.

It is February. As part of our whole school curriculum about the continents of the world our class will focus on the continent of Australia and the Great Barrier Reef. We will study Austrailia

Some of the things we will learn about are:

-Aboriginal People of Australia,



-biomes and oceans of Australia.

-we will make sea water, an Australia sand map,

-rainforest drip painting

-continent and ocean painting.

-we will learn the Kookaburra song

-work with smelling bottles and smell Eucalyptus.

-seashell addition and subtraction

-seashell rubbing and tracing

- ocean transportation cards

-learn about water invertebrates and land invertebrates

-we will make sand castles

Reminders: Make sure your children are dressed warm to go out, coats, hats, mittens, (boots for snow), sneakers.

For Valentine’s Day, we will celebrate in our class together with a special snack and activity. Please feel free to send in a Valentine cards for th but not who the card is addressed to- it is easier for the teachers to help distribute the cards this way. If you need a class list, please stop in the office and ask Donna.

For Your Calendar:

February 17-21 Mid-Winter Break, School Closed

February 24- Wear a beach hat for “Beach Day”


Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Lillian