Ms. Sylvia's Class : May

 May 11 -  May 15

Ms. Sylvia Presents:

Letters of the week: Rr, Ss, Tt.   Please don’t forget to send your pictures once you have worked on your letters.

A c t i v i t i e s

Word Family: ock. Add your words to your word family book.

S t o r y  T i m e 

Click For 

Counting by Tens

Introducing our caterpillars: We have caterpillars, take a look daily as they change.

You can track your observations using the My Butterfly Journal worksheets.


Here are two different ways to use the hundred chart. You can write out 1-100 or practice writing 1-10.  If you hare having the children trace use a yellow marker or highlighter.

The Bears Are Back!!
                        Making Snake Bubbles:
Here is a science experiment the children can do at home. You will need A water bottle, dish soap, bowl with a little bit of water, and a sock.

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