Ms. Sylvia's Class : November


November Newsletter

Dear Parents,


Every day is an adventure with your children! Today we baked yummy banana bread to celebrate all of our acts of kindness with each other in the classroom, using our PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention Support) emphasis this year. It is amazing to watch your children enter the classroom and settle into a work from the shelf, a conversation with another child, smiles as they greet their friends or teachers, or a work they have been waiting to do. Each child is different and each child sets the pace for themselves. In the morning we have a work period and it is quite busy in the classroom. We continue to review ground rules and model kindness and speaker/listener techniques that we learn during circle time. If we have a conflict with another child, we learn and practice taking turns as the listener and the speaker at the peace table. These are lifelong skills that will help the children for the rest of their lives if they continue to use them in school and at home.  We are now continuing to use the PBIS model, as we encourage children to use “walking feet” and a soft voice in the hallway.  We would appreciate if you also ask your children to follow these rules in the hallway as a means to be safe and help others be safe and be respectful.  

This past week Pushkar’s mom and Sia’s mom came to the classroom and read a story about Diwali, and helped us make lovely lanterns for Diwali. The children were mesmerized by the beautiful light that came out of the candles! Thank you so much for coming and giving us such a lovely presentation!!! 

This month as we will continue to learn about:  Our Planet, the Earth, Native Americans and Early America. We will engage in shelling, counting, and tweezing corn from the cob, chopping and grating vegetables, counting, sorting and matching “pilgrim” buttons. We will also do water activities and water experiments, such as ocean/seashore classification and water transportation. 

For your calendar: 

Parent teacher conferences are now being scheduled. Check your email and the handout you received to sign up. We look forward to seeing you then. We will be able to share with each other which allows us to gain more information and set future goals for your child. 

Our Thanksgiving Feast together will be November 25th at 2:30 pm. We will ask for help for our preparations.


Please see the November Happenings flyer for other information.



Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Lillian