Ms. Sylvia's Class : October


October Newsletter

Dear Parents,

Our class is becoming a community! The class is a happy bustling place in the mornings. Thank you for bringing your child on time, it helps them settle into our routine and work time. The children are finding “work.” They are comfortable with the routines and are getting used to the work cycle. It has been a good natural process.  

The children are learning new work and choosing the materials they want to work with. They are learning how to focus on the work they are doing individually, concentrating and engaging in thinking, and using the control of their hands to manipulate their work. These actions help children become independent and foster self-esteem.

This month our themes are: Human needs: water, air, family, love, food, clothing, shelter, community. We will also talk about the universe, our solar system, and our planet. 

Along with the above themes is our focus on PBIS (Positive Behavior Intervention and Support).This year you will learn more about it with each newsletter. PBIS is a already built into the Montessori philosophy. We will continue to look at children's individual behaviors and finding strategies to focus on the successful ways to uplift them and learn how to interact appropriately in society. PBIS supports the children’s social/emotional development which ultimately has a positive effect on their academic progress.  

The words that describe Alcott’s philosophy of PBIS is on the poster that you see as you enter. The poster depicts hands ranging from large to small to reinforce that at Alcott School we are kind, respectful and safe. We start these values by establishing our ground rules in the classroom: soft voices, walking, carrying items with 2 hands, pushing in our chairs, settling conflicts with words, raising our hands, unrolling and rolling mat, walking around  mat, putting our work away and a few more.



Here are some important reminders and upcoming dates this month:

· Please update your child’s extra clothes with warm clothes for the season. Label everything.

· We attempt to go out daily, weather permitting.

· Before entering the classroom, please wash hands to help our class stay healthy, and use the bathroom.

· Some children do not have a family photo, for our family tree. Please send one in.


· For your calendar: 

· School closed –October 9 and October 14

· Fire Truck Visit – for children only- 10/16

· Wear Pink to school day- 10/23

· Alcott’s Harvest Festival- 10/19, 10:00-2:00

· Halloween Parade- (no weapons, no masks) 10/25 at 10:30 am, rain date October 30


As always thank you for your help and support,

Ms. Sylvia, Ms. Nancy, Ms. Lillian