Wednesday / Thursday Club : April

Wed/Th Club Projects for Week of April 13, 2020

Prepare your environment:

  • Protect the furniture

  • Gather all your materials

  • Follow the instructions

  • Take pictures of the process

  • Clean up and put away materials

  • Show everyone what you have done


Tin Can Telephone

Need: 2 clean cans, 3 ft of string or fishing line (not yarn)

  • Decorate cans with tape or stickers

  • Poke a hole in each end of can using a hammer and nail (protect your eyes)

  • Place one end of string through bottom of the can, make a large knot and pull tight

  • Repeat with other end of string and second can (the knots should be on the inside)

  • Now keeping string tight, take turns being the speaker and the listener


Cardboard Tube Ghoul Family

This is a cute take on Halloween crafts, and kids can play with the little figures afterward. Simply gather the supplies to create whatever version of a "monster" or "ghoul" you want. Googly eyes are always a hit, use tin foil, wax paper or tape. You can modify it in many ways and make it easier or harder. Find the tutorial at Crafts By Amanda.