Wednesday / Thursday Club : April

Wednesday / Thursday Club Projects for Week of April 20, 2020

Prepare your environment:

  • Protect the furniture

  • Gather all your materials

  • Follow the instructions

  • Take pictures of the process

  • Clean up and put away materials

  • Show everyone what you have done

Fairy Garden

(I refer to it as a mini figure Garden)


This requires a little planning ahead and is probably best for preschoolers and up, but a fairy garden is one of our favorite kid crafts. It's versatile, in that it can be done right indoors in a pot, or on a back patio or deck. No yard needed. After putting it together, kids will love accessorizing it and may want to add their own Lego or Playmobile figurines, creating (possibly!) hours of playtime. Don't stress about "doing this right"—just go for it. Find the tutorial at Peace But Not Quiet.