Wednesday / Thursday Club : June 2020

A twist on the “all about me” book, this accordion-fold version made with smartphone templates stands out (and up) thanks to its design. With a little folding, cutting, and coloring, students can create a personalized “smartbook.”

What You'll Need:
Smartphone template
Bristol board or heavy paper
Magazines, colored paper, other collage materials
Student photo


1 Print two template sheets on card stock.


2 Cut out the templates, leaving 1/2" extra on the left side of one template. Use this to tape the two templates together creating a row of 6 smart phones.


3 Attach a photo of your child to the first phone screen, then fill in other screens with "favorites". Have children add a drawing, photo or collage to illustrate. Soon you'll know their favorite sports, subjects, and more!

Craft: Paper Selfies by Blake Ramsey