Ms. Yael's Class : March


Dear Families,


The children really enjoyed our Going to Sleep theme. They were very engaged with “Goodnight Moon” and loved bringing their stuffed animals to class. For the next two weeks we will be learning about transportation. We have lots of fun art, movement and literacy activities planned.


Vocabulary Words: travel, trains, tracks, cars, trucks, roads, planes, helicopters, air, rocket ships, space, boats, water, tunnel, bridge.


Main Concept: Modes of transportation: land, sea, air and space travel


We are reading:


· "The Seals on the Bus" by Lenny Hort, illustrated by G Brian Karas (week 1)

· "My Bus" by Byron Barton (week 2)

· The children will be exposed to a variety of books about transportation during book corner


We are singing:

· Rocket ship Run

· Trucks

· Drive my car

· One more stop on the Train

· Row, row, row your boat

· Airplane by Bari Koral


All our songs are easy to find on itunes and youtube. The first four songs are on “Transportation Songs” by Laurie Berkner. “Airplane” is on “ Little Box of Happy” by Bari Koral.



We will be making:

· A group mural of different kinds of transportation

· Popsicle stick airplanes

· Paintings using the wheels of toys cars

· Gluing a boat picture


In our sensory bin

We will be searching for different types of vehicles in our sensory bin


Our fine motor activities;

Transportation matching cards

Transportation shapes with Playdoh


On the playground and in our indoor gym: We will be climbing and crawling through tunnels and going over the bridge in the garden. We will also be having car races in the bike yard,

You can follow this theme at home by:


· Using the vocabulary we are learning

· Reading any books you have at home that have to do with transportation. Byron Barton has great books for toddlers: “Boats”, “Trucks”, “My Car”, “Trains” “Planes” that you can find at the library or on Amazon.

· Discussing what kinds of transportation we use.


Have a great Week! Yael, Chauna, Emily, Anu, Nancy & Kelly