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Parents who suspect their child may have special needs or developmental delays should contact the Westchester County N.Y. Department of Health: 914.813.5094. This department will arrange an evaluation at no charge to the parent. If the results of the evaluation indicate that the child is eligible, services (i.e. special instruction, speech therapy, occupational therapy, and parent training in-home, community settings, or toddler developmental groups) may be recommended.

Alcott is an approved Evaluation Site. For help scheduling an evaluation, please contact: Maureen Connolly at 914.693.4443.

Toddler Developmental Group:
The Toddler Developmental Group is a small teacher-directed class focusing on skill development with particular emphasis on language and behavior. Classes meet 5 half days (2 1/2 hours) weekly in the afternoon. Classes are staffed by a licensed special education teacher and two teacher aides. All children in this program have special needs and the classes are highly structured. Speech therapy, occupational therapy, physical therapy, and family training are available. 

For more information contact Maureen Connolly at 914.693.4443.

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