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OCFS Training & Requirements

As a day care center licensed by the New York State Office of Children and Family Services, all Alcott staff members (except fee-for-service SEIT and OSCs) are mandated to receive certain training. The objective of these trainings is to provide every New York State child care provider with a place to meet their required training hours. Each child care provider must complete at least 15 hours of training during the first six months of registration and at least 30 hours of training every 2 years. This training must include each of the following topics:

  1. Principles of childhood development, focusing on the developmental stages of the age groups for which the program provides care

  2. Nutrition and health needs of infants and children

  3. Child day care program development

  4. Safety and security procedures

  5. Business record maintenance and management

  6. Child abuse and maltreatment identification and prevention

  7. Statutes and regulations pertaining to child day care

  8. Statutes and regulations pertaining to child abuse and maltreatment

  9. Education and information on the identification, diagnosis and prevention of shaken baby syndrome

  10. Adverse Childhood Experiences

Other guidelines from the OCFS are:

OCFS will not approve credit toward required training hours for completing the same online training more than once within a two year period. The website will still allow users to log in and review trainings already completed, allowing trainees to refresh their recollection of previously learned material. Training credit, however, will only be awarded the first time that a specific online course is completed within any two year training period.

It is Alcott’s policy that SEITs and OSCs also get 30 hours of training every two years, however they do not necessarily need to be one of the nine categories. For any training other than what is offered on the OCFS training page, you will need supervisor approval prior to taking it.   With the exception of new hires, subs need to get training on a prorated basis, based on how many hours they have worked. 

Procedure for obtaining and tracking training hours: 

  • Employee gets supervisor approval to take a specific training

  • Upon completion of training, employee receives certificate confirming participation

  • Completion certificates for Scarsdale employees go to Melissa Udice,  Dobbs Ferry Employees go to Sheryl Cullen


Click link below to see the catalog of courses, then scroll down to see all courses in English.   Click on the course you are interested in and create your ECETP account.  This will allow you to  log on  to the site at any time to take a new course or continue a course you have started.  Upon successful completion of the course you will be issued a Certificate of Completion for the  training hours.

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