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Our main concern during bad weather is the safety of our children and staff.  Our decision to close the school is based on the weather forecast and what is happening outdoors.

School closings will be announced via email, text, and/or robo call using information provided on your Emergency Alert Contact Form.

Closings Will Also Be Announced On :

  •  Cable Channel 12 News in Westchester

If you are in doubt, call the school and listen for our message on the answering machine

Crane Road Site: 914-472-4404          Dobbs Ferry Site: 914-693-4443

If we are already in school and need to close early we will contact you.  Please feel free to come get your child yourself if you prefer.

If the weather is severe the bus companies may pick up the children early.  Keep in mind that it usually takes 2 or 3 times longer to bring children home in bad weather.  Before we send children out early, we must be sure someone will be at home for them.  

Please be sure that your Emergency Alert Contact Form is updated so that we can reach you or the person you have designated to pick up your child.

  • Have you changed jobs?

  • Do we have your correct work telephone number and cell number?

  • Do you have an emergency child care plan if we close early?

  • Do we have the contact information for your emergency caregivers?


                      If you have any questions please speak with someone in the office. 


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